Tailgating Tips & Tricks

At AirMedCare Network, we know how valuable it is to spend time with family & friends—and tailgating is a fun way to do that. While we thoroughly enjoy the combination of good food, great company and football, unfortunately it can be all too easy to blow the budget or...

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Matthew Sands’ Real-Life Heroes

When you’re a child, often one of the very first lessons you learn from watching cartoons is that superheroes can come in all shapes and sizes. And we bet if you asked 7-year old Matthew Sands of Pueblo Colorado, he would agree. Matthew’s experience with real superheroes, however, comes...

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A Blessing for the McLens

AirMedCare Network member Sarah McLen  received a phone call on January 31, 2016. The voice on the end of the line said, “Sarah, this is Monte. Are you close?” Sarah’s husband, Frank, had been in a motorcycle accident. A truck ran him off the road at a steep curve....

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Oliver Cochran’s Story

Marina Cochran-Smith and Chad Swimmer had just had their first child, Oliver, via home birth. Like countless newborns, Oliver developed jaundice. Jaundice occurs so frequently that many doctors consider it a normal part of the first few days of a baby’s life. Most cases are short-term and ultimately harmless....

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Nancy Raper’s Story

Like many newly retired people, Wetzel County, West Virginia, resident Nancy Raper had lots of plans and dreams of how her daily life might be different after retiring. Unfortunately, Nancy did not have much time to dream or plan anything. Because less than two months after her retirement, Nancy...

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Farah Gee Sears’ Membership Pays Off!

See Farah Gee Sears’ Facebook post praising AMCN for her son’s rescue and the value of membership:   Farah Gee Sears’  Best, TX If you never read another one of my posts, read this one. My heart literally skipped a beat when I opened the bill for Liam’s fixed...

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Allen Swaney’s Close Call

“My husband Allen, 62, woke up non-verbal, slightly combative and drenched in sweat. I called 911 and our local ambulance transported him to the hospital 20 miles away, where the ER doctor advised us to go straight to Air Evac Lifeteam! Time was crucial as we all thought full...

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Tim Dunahee’s Heartfelt Thanks

My name is Tim Dunahee. I am 60 years old as I am writing this letter. I live in Olney, Illinois and am the former owner of Dunahee Lawn Care. On July 20th, 2017, I was trimming hedges at a local business in Olney. Because of the hot temperature...

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Memorial Hospital Lands Upgrade in Air Ambulance Services

One of the fastest, safest ways to transport a medical patient just got an upgrade. Meet the AIRBUS H125 helicopter, the newest member of the UCHealth Memorial Hospital staff. On March 5, it went into service—replacing Memorial Star, which served the region for 15 years. The new, red and...

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Guardian Flight Transitions to Learjet 45s in Alaska

Leading air medical transport company Guardian Flight is transitioning its medical jet fleet in Alaska to Learjet 45s to cover the vast distances in America’s largest state. Five Learjet 45s will replace Guardian Flight’s older and smaller Learjet 35s and Beechjets. Compared to the smaller jets, the mid-size Learjet 45s...

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