Membership brings financial peace of mind.

AirMedCare Network providers can be there for all patients in urgent need, but membership adds another important layer of financial protection. It’s important to know that your insurance may not cover the total cost of emergency treatment and transport. Even with the most comprehensive coverage, typical out-of-pocket costs like co-pays and deductibles will still apply. These charges could end up being substantial. Members have added financial peace of mind, knowing their flight expenses are completely covered when flown by an AirMedCare Network provider. Our air ambulance membership network is the largest in the country, deploying from 320 locations across 38 states—and we’re continuously expanding to additional bases. You can see if you’re within our coverage area by entering your zip code below.

How Emergency Air Ambulance Service works:


If a medical professional determines someone is in need of emergency medical transport, they may decide that air ambulance is the fastest and safest option.


When we’re called, AirMedCare Network providers respond with experienced, highly-trained crews and aircraft equipped with the latest life-saving and life-support equipment.


Patients are transported to the nearest appropriate hospital for continuing care.


When you’re an AMCN member, you can recover without financial worry, knowing all out-of-pocket expenses are completely covered.

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