Farah Gee Sears’ Membership Pays Off!

See Farah Gee Sears’ Facebook post praising AMCN for her son’s rescue and the value of membership:


Farah Gee Sears’ 

Best, TX

If you never read another one of my posts, read this one.

My heart literally skipped a beat when I opened the bill for Liam’s fixed wing flight to Cook Children’s. I was expecting a very large number, but not this large. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care, I’d do it all over again the same way, but I’m human and I had no idea how we would ever pay this back.

Then I remembered that I had gotten a letter months ago about AirMedCare Network. It was $65/year* and covered every resident of the household who had to be flown by any AirMedCare Network aircraft in the network. Seeing how many people we fly out of our ER, I felt like it was a good investment.

When I remembered today that I had filled out that form and mailed my check, I called immediately to make sure my membership was good and that I wasn’t dreaming it all up. They confirmed that I was an active member and that I would not have to pay A DIME that my health insurance didn’t cover.

Everyone, get online or on the phone and spend $65/year*. You really never know when you, or someone you love, will be the one in the ‘jump seat’.

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* When Farah Sears purchased her AMCN membership in the fall of 2016, our 1-year membership cost was $65. Since then, we’ve expanded our coverage area to over 320 locations in 38 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. Due to this growth, to continue to protect members from out-of-pocket expenses, we have increased our 1-year membership cost to $85 effective June 1, 2018.