North Colorado Med Evac Team Spots & Fights Wildland Fire

The three-person Med Evac flight team, based out of northern Colorado, spotted the fire near Bellvue while flying Friday and reported its location to local authorities. After transporting their patient, dispatchers asked the crew to fly back to the area to confirm the location, so local authorities could respond.

The fire was growing quickly when they returned. No one was fighting it, so the crew knew they needed to step in and find help. “We located a ranch about half a mile away,” flight nurse Angela Solomonson said, “and there were some farm hands working on the ranch and we found a big field and landed there.”

The workers had a truck with water and several tools. As the pilot led them to the fire in the air, Solomonson joined the workers on four-wheelers and followed. They all worked to put out the fire until first responders arrived. “Obviously we’re not firefighters,” said flight paramedic Guy Beesley, “but if you can, you go help the community. And that’s what we did.”