How to Grow an Herb Garden

You don’t need to have a green thumb to start an herb garden, you just need to get the basics right: sunlight, water, drainage and the best part—harvesting!

Get growing today with these simple tips:

Choose your herbs

Which are the best herbs for you to grow? Well, ask yourself this: “what do I like to cook with?” Choose herbs that you like the flavor of and that complement the foods that you regularly cook. It’s best to buy sprouted seedlings—they take less time to grow and are easier to plant that seeds. When you’re planting your seedlings it’s best to use potting mix.

Pick a sunny spot

Most herbs like to have full sun, so choose a spot in your yard, balcony or a windowsill that’s treated to plenty of sunlight during the day.

Keep them hydrated

Plants need to be watered, and herbs are especially high maintenance in this department. Stick a fingertip into the pot—if you feel dry soil, then it’s time to give them a drink.

Make sure there’s enough drainage

It’s important that herbs get enough water—but don’t drown them. Drainage is key: make sure that your pots have holes in the bottom so the excess water can drain out the bottom.

Feed them

Fertilizing your herbs is the best way to replenish them with nutrients. You can buy a liquid fertilizer, or use organic solutions like egg shells. 

Time to harvest

It’s important that you harvest your herbs to encourage thicker, denser growth—as opposed to long, spindly plants. If you’ve got more fresh herbs than you’re able to use, you can store them in an airtight bag in the freezer to use later.