Guardian Flight Transitions to Learjet 45s in Alaska

Leading air medical transport company Guardian Flight is transitioning its medical jet fleet in Alaska to Learjet 45s to cover the vast distances in America’s largest state.

Five Learjet 45s will replace Guardian Flight’s older and smaller Learjet 35s and Beechjets. Compared to the smaller jets, the mid-size Learjet 45s will provide better reliability, improved flight performance and braking, increased parts availability and more modern avionics for better cockpit standardization and less pilot workload.

In addition, Learjet 45s have a slower approach and circling speed than Learjet 35s. That will allow Guardian Flight pilots to attempt approaches into airports with lower cloud ceilings and lower visibility requirements than with the Learjet 35s in the past. The change will also make circling approaches into some airports practical in situations where they have not been before. Learjet 45s have a larger cabin for improved patient care and family escort capabilities, medical staff performance and equipment storage.