A Grandparent’s Worst Nightmare

On March 23, I was moving my truck off the road, thinking my 1-year old grandson was on the porch. After I backed up my truck and got out, I saw my grandson laying on the ground at the front of my truck.  I picked him up and cuddled him in my arms and yelled to my wife to call 911.

My grandson started to cry a little and I knew he was breathing. When EMS arrived, I got in the ambulance and was holding his C spine as they started to work on him. They called for Air Evac 53 to meet them at the heliport. Air Evac 53 landed approximately 2 minutes later. I gave the flight crew all of his information and they assured me they would take great care of him. They got my phone number and told me they would keep me updated. As we were traveling to Waco, they called to update me on his condition and to let me know that he would have to be transferred to Scott & White in Temple. When we arrived in Waco the flight crew told me that they could not fly due to weather conditions but they assured me they were going to ride in the ambulance with the paramedics. My grandson spent 30 days in the NICU unit while he fought for his life.

I would like to commend the flight crew for taking such great care of my grandson. It has been five months since his accident and he has fully recovered. If not for the EMS and flight crew acting so quickly he may not be here today.

I will always be a member of Air Evac knowing how dedicated they are to their profession.


Dennis Cox

Teague, TX