AirMedCare Network* Fly-U-Home U.S. Domestic Membership – Terms and Conditions

  1. Air Medical Transport: Arrangements, Suitability and Additional Passengers. If (1) an AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home member is admitted to a hospital in the Contiguous 48 States that is more than 150 miles from the member’s residence and (2) it is determined by the member’s physician and AirMed’s medical director that the member’s medical condition is stable enough to allow air transport but that medical escort is required, then, at the member’s request, AirMed will provide the member with private air medical transport or, if appropriate, commercial airline transport with medical escort. Transport will be provided on a bedside-to-bedside basis to a hospital of the member’s choice that has accepted the member as a patient and is within the locality of the member’s residence, subject to the membership terms and conditions. Decisions regarding urgency of transport, the best timing and the most suitable means of transport will be made by AirMed after consultation with the local attending physician and the member’s receiving physician. AirMed will make all arrangements for each air medical transport. AirMed will not reimburse members for medical, medical transport or related expenses they incur on their own. AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home membership does not cover emergent patient transports.Travel companions and baggage will be accommodated at no additional cost on AirMed transports, subject to safety and space constraints, but companions will be responsible for their own airfare on scheduled commercial aircraft.
  2. Transport of Mortal Remains. If a member dies within the Contiguous 48 States while traveling more than 150 miles from the member’s residence, at the request of the member’s family, AirMed will arrange for the return of the member’s mortal remains to a funeral facility in the city of the member’s residence within the Contiguous 48 States.
  3. Member Eligibility. A member must be a natural person who resides in the Contiguous 48 States, meaning the United States of America, excluding the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and excluding all territories and possessions. A member’s residence must be listed on the member’s enrollment application. Requests for changes to a member’s residence must be submitted in writing to AirMed. The benefits of the membership extend to the designated primary member and all persons who dwell in a shared living space with the primary member and who are named in the enrollment application. Membership commences after a completed enrollment application and full payment has been received.
  4. Qualifications, Limitations and Exclusions. Membership is subject to the following qualifications, limitations and exclusions:
  1. Ineligible and Excluded Transports. A member who is hospitalized at the time of enrollment, or who was hospitalized within 30 days prior to enrollment for the same or related condition, will not be eligible for transport benefits related to that hospitalization. A member being evaluated for or on an organ transplant list prior to enrollment will not be entitled to a transport for conditions related to that transplant.
  2. Maximum Number of Transports. Membership covers up to two separate transports per year per membership (in total for all members covered under one membership); however, if multiple members who are covered under one membership require simultaneous transport, then each such member will be limited to that one transport.
  3. Locations Inaccessible by Fixed Wing Aircraft. Both the originating and receiving hospital must be reasonably accessible by ground ambulance to transport the member to and from an airfield capable of accommodating an AirMed or one of its authorized affiliates aircraft. The cost associated with transportation from isolated areas or islands to an airport accessible to AirMed aircraft is not included in the membership and will be the responsibility of the member. Membership benefits do not include helicopter transportation.
  4. High Risk / Safety Medical Restrictions. In conjunction with FAA, U.S. State Department and other regulatory standards, and AirMed safety standards, a member will not be entitled to air medical transport if the member’s illness or injury is a result of or is contributed to by the following: (i) suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self injury; (ii) a member’s own criminal or felonious act; (iii) actions taken while the member is in a state of insanity; (iv) war, invasion, civil war or terrorism; or (v) contagious airborne pathogens. A member suffering from a psychiatric or mental disorder that is not manageable and will not allow safe transport within the confines of the ground ambulance and aircraft may not be transported. A member beyond the second trimester of pregnancy may not be transported if the transport request relates to the pregnancy.
  5. Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
* AirMedCare Network® is a registered service mark of Air Medical Group Holdings, Inc. All AMCN Fly-U-HomeSM membership benefits and services are offered and provided by AirMed International LLC, an FAA Part 135 operator, and EagleMed LLC, an FAA Part 135 operator, both subsidiaries of Air Medical Group Holdings, Inc.