AeroCare Hits Milestone: 30 Years Serving West Texas, Eastern New Mexico

AeroCare is celebrating three decades of air medical transport service to the region. Over those 30 years, the organization has seen a few changes but its mission has stayed the same.

“The growth of air medical providers over the last 30 years has really impacted negative patient outcomes in rural communities,” Sanchez said.

Trevor Bellows is one of AeroCare’s flight paramedics. He feels that fulfilling the need for this care is a rewarding experience.

“The only higher levels of care for lots of communities is Lubbock, especially Eastern New Mexico and parts of West Texas,” Bellows said. “Ground transport times are long, so us being able to expedite that process and get them to a higher level of care faster and provide a higher level of care for them while they’re en route makes for better patient outcomes.”

Patrick Gerdemann has piloted for AeroCare for 15 years. He says his focus every flight is the team working behind his seat.

“I’m thinking of the team,” Gerdemann said. “I’m thinking what I could do for these guys, what they need from me, what I need from them. I’m thinking team. We’re on our way to the call. We’re picking up the patient and we’re helping load. Always thinking team and what we need to do. How can we make this transport, this flight for that particular patient and give them the best possible outcome we can?”

Gerdemann has flown all over the region, including the places he says cows outnumber the people. He’s also been with the teams who traveled across Texas and the country to assist with hurricane relief efforts.

“You never know on which day what you are going to see,” Gerdemann said. “You have to regard every call as being something new and maybe the worst thing you are going to see that day. You have to keep that in the back of your mind and you want to respond to every call like that. Like we’ve always said, someone is having the worst day of their lives. I think for me it’s been, for all the years I’ve been here, it’s two that stand out for me and they were both kids. They both for sure would have passed if we hadn’t flown them. You just got to be ready.”

AeroCare credits its commitment to safety and dedication to keeping up with the latest in medical care and flight technology for its longevity in service.