You never know when a medical emergency will arise.

When it does, time and access to world-class patient care can mean everything. That’s why an AirMedCare Network membership is so important. If you or your family have a medical emergency, our alliance of affiliated air ambulances can provide medical transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency facility for members and non-members alike. AirMedCare Network members enjoy the added value of never having to worry about out-of-pocket expenses when transported by an AMCN provider.

We know the territory.

Guardian Flight, AMCN’s Alaska provider, is the state’s largest air medical provider with more aircraft in more places than all of the other organizations in the state combined. Our history and experience has given our staff a unique understanding of the challenges that patients and responders may face in our state. Our crewmembers translate that experience into successful patient outcomes and community service as we live and work in this great state.

How Emergency Air Ambulance Service works:


If a medical professional determines someone is in need of emergency medical transport, they may decide that air ambulance is the fastest and safest option.


When we’re called, AirMedCare Network providers respond with experienced, highly-trained crews and aircraft equipped with the latest life-saving and life support equipment.


Patients are transported to the nearest appropriate hospital for continuing care.


When you’re an AMCN member, you can recover without financial worry, knowing all out-of-pocket expenses are completely covered.

Find AirMedCare Network coverage in your area.

Dispatch decisions are controlled by emergency medical personnel, and membership does not guarantee that you will be transported by an AMCN provider.

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