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Nancy Tucker

Membership Sales Manager

Phone: 928-294-9023

Email: [email protected]

MSM Number: 14232

Thank you for your interest in AirMedCare Network, the membership provider for AeroCare Medical Transport (a Guardian Flight Medical company), Arizona LifeLine (a Med-Trans Company), REACH Air (in California) and others throughout the USA. Air ambulance service saves lives, but can be costly …. and is often not fully covered by other provisions. Membership in AirMedCare Network offers financial peace of mind, should you or other members from your household be transported by providers from our 320+ bases. AMCN members face no further out-of-pocket expense for their air ambulance flight. Your membership also helps ensure this resource is available for others in Arizona, Southern California and through the USA, enabling crew and craft to respond more quickly when life- or limb-saving needs arise. Most members take advantage of cost-saving, multi-year memberships, and many select full coverage for both emergent and non-emergent (Fly-U-Home) transports. I am happy to explain all membership options so you can make the best decision for your household. Email and telephone number are provided above, or use the following form. Thanks!

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More and more, insurance fails to cover the full cost of a medical emergency, leaving families with out-of-pocket expenses they didn’t expect.

Our 3 million+ AirMedCare Network members can take comfort in the knowledge that, should they experience a medical emergency, there will be no out-of-pocket expenses if flown by an AMCN provider.

Secure financial peace of mind for you and your family today with an AMCN membership.

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